Mold Aid: Your Trusted Mold Experts

Mold Aid Review SiteDo you know that your homes are not safe all the time? There might be some tiny molds living in a damp place within your house. If you just take this mold-problem for granted, you might be exposing yourself and your family member on various diseases that can due to the nasty and disgusting indoor molds. Certain kind of indoor molds especially those one that produces toxins (mycotoxins) can harm any individual residing on that place. Some serious diseases brought by these molds include respiratory infections, allergic reactions, neurological problems, and can even contribute to the growth of cancer. If you don’t take any actions, you are putting your family’s life and health in danger.

Mold Aid Review Site

To eliminate this problem, there is a trusted team who can help you eliminate those harmful and disgusting molds out of your homes! Mold Aid is your friendly and trusted partner in making your homes healthier than you’ve never expected before. This expert team doesn’t only care about your home but also care for your health. You can never go wrong with Mold aid. It is their ultimate value to prioritize their customer’s health and premises by ensuring excellent mold-removal and superior home service for everyone. Their whole team also undergo on various trainings just to give you excellent strategies/techniques when it comes to advance mold-removal for your homes. Aside from their experience and expertise in home service industry, they also take integrity in their work which is proven by the following premier certifications:

• ESA member (Environmental Solution Evaluation)

• Certified Mold Professionals (CMP)

• Virginia Gen. Contractor License- 2705 088529A-BLD

• ‘Certified Indoor Environmentalists’ (CIE)

• ‘Water Restoration Technician’ (WRT)

• ‘Applied Microbial Remediation Technician’ (AMRT)

• Mold Inspector (MI)

• Qualified member of IAQU (Indoor Quality University)

• Qualified member of IICR (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration)

• Qualified member of NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspector)

• Qualified member of IAQA (Indoor Quality Association Inc.)

Mold Aid Review SiteMold Aid also has the most advanced technology for getting rid of all those unhealthy and harmful molds inside your house. They do have the latest and high-end thermal imaging inspection using infrared cameras to detect the moisture, heat loss, and termite activity on the area where mold might reproduce or grow. They do some detailed and in-depth review (even the smallest detail) and take note of all the cosmetic, mechanical and structural deficiencies of your house’s interior & exterior to ensure that mold will never go back again to your premise.

After the inspection, they will determine the cause and extent of occurring problem to deliver a mold remediation program to ensure the safety of both their customers and their homes. Aside from their mold remediation services, the team also offers air purification system installation (to control allergens & odors), structural drying (for water damage or storm-related response situation) and so much more! If you have some disgusting and harmful molds residing in your house you only need one team to do the job because Mold Aid Team will take care of everything!

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