Leodis Matthews Achievement as a Professional Lawyer

Leodis Matthews is a licensed ad skilled attorney who graduated from Lewis and Clark College in the year 1971 and began his law career in the year 1973 .He has worked globally and a present consultant for Senior Law group in Beijing China. This law business firm provides effective and outstanding legal law service to those respected clients who need an attorney or firm familiar with law and who will rely on the professional and discretion knowledge of expert and highly experienced staff of excellent attorneys.

Leodis Matthews

He graduated and attended from college of Lewis and Clark, while he was a college student in the school. He achieved his science degree and graduated with his doctorate in law.
While he was in Portland, Oregon, he proudly went on to serve the state of Oregon as one of the deputy licensed district attorney in the Multnomah County of about 4 years starting 1973 up to 1977. After humbly giving his law services for Oregon Fine citizens, he have plan to move to Washington, while he was there in Washington D.C , he enhanced well his knowledge and expertise in the area of trial law. Leodis Matthew became as the senior attorney who assist to the US representatives and congress on the selected committee between nineteen seventy seven up to nineteen seventy nine. After his duty as senior lawyer on the committee, he decided to change his main emphasis into criminal law. For 3 years starting in year 1979 up to 1982 he have worked on the division of criminal in United States department of justice as US attorney whose focused is resolving crime.

Leodis Matthews wrapped up as a court trial attorney for United States Department of justice in the section of Commercial litigation. He has also been a class counsel in complex litigation particularly in Civil RICO litigation and has attained significant achievements. In his law service, he has succeeded to win a number of pre-trial injunctive orders. In addition, he also takes active participation when it comes to litigating in federal courts. These achievements are already strong manifestation of his reputation in law industry.

Leodis Matthews17

Today, there is no doubt that Leodis Matthews is one of the excellent attorneys who take pride by many countries because of what he did in the area of law where he is expert. His achievement has been proven for many years especially to those people who became his client in resolving their main cases. Leodis Matthews is a man you will appreciate and admire when it comes in the area of law.

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