Achievements of Victor C. Yee

Victor C. Yee

Just like anyone else who have been successful in their chosen career, Victor C. Yee also undergo and surpass various challenges in his life to achieve the status he has now.

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He is currently the coordinator of Leadership and Engagement at the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management. He facilitates the participation of the college in the Engagement activities given by the University of Arizona. This activity allows the students to experience and engage into experiential learning. He was also given the job of supervising the student organization acknowledged by the Federation of Eller Student Council (FESO). He is also the director of the Eller Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community.

He has been an Academic Advisor of the college for 9 months, started last august 2014 until April 2015. He deals with the soon-to-be business students who seek for professional program admission.

He also teaches M. Ed program at the University of Arizona and can be considered as one successful educator because of his gained experiences in the career. He was capable of teaching different subjects including math, economics and history. This allows him to work with various type of individuals, thus giving him an opportunity to understand more the cultures of different person. Because of the work, he also gained wide perspective on the countless socioeconomic background that he encountered.

Victor C. YeeAside from being teacher, he also possesses great background when it comes on coaching. He is also effective and efficient when it comes on being a chess or even basketball coach. He serves Arizona Chess for Schools as an independent contractor. He teaches and gives efficient instruction to those motivated students. His student’s performance in the tournament play has reflected the quality coaching he made. One of his students have even made it and won the state championship.

Working as a teacher and coach, he develops his communication, interpersonal, and mentoring ability. Developing this skill is an additional factor on achieving his success. He believes that his victories as an educator have been achieved because he develops relationship with the persons he worked with.

All of his achievement was never gained just in one setting. He worked hard to achieve his dreams. Earning the M. Ed is not easy, but with the determination he has in his heart, he gained the fruit of all his sacrifices. He persevered with his studies and never gave up on it until he made it into what he is right now. His reputation as a teacher and coach is something that is truly an exception.

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